Vuzz Gear Upgrade: Wrist Synths!

It’s a complaint of the keyboardist, being stuck behind a fixed instrument. Christy affixed her instruments to her arms in this tutorial for Vuzz! This concept will hopefully help her interact more with the audience and move more seamlessly across the stage. Check out the video! MUSIC: Cosmic Creme Fraiche by Vuzz.


There is so much muscle memory in playing music. Removing the platform that my instruments sat on and going completely mobile introduced complications. I can no longer play two instruments at once. I can no longer sing within the vicinity of a mic without hitting the synths against the stand. Moving to this no-keyboard-stand setup meant adding in a theater-style lavalier mic system running through an effects unit. I had to load all of my app-based instruments onto one phone. The Monster Go DJ will have to take on more heavy lifting. Above all, don’t forget to dance and engage the audience or they will talk through your show. Check out set-playthrough highlights and hear inspiration and feedback from the band at the end!